The Millburn Municipal Alliance Committee (MMAC) is a community based organization comprised of parents, teachers, school administrators, community members, Township government representatives, Millburn Police and other local partners.  We are committed to providing comprehensive drug, tobacco and alcohol awareness and prevention programs and to create an safe and healthy community for all residents of Millburn/Short Hills.



As New Jersey formally legalizes marijuana for adult-use, we are excited to present a new program that will offer valuable insights into the types of marijauan that are marketed and available today and from a medical persepctive what the risks are to teens and young adults who use marijuana and other cannabis products.  As marijauan become more prevalent in our society, it is important for parents to talk to their kids, tweens, and teens about marijuana use.  We can help give you the tools and information you need to have those conversations with your family.

 CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.  A confirmation email and Zoom Link will be emailed to each participant prior to the event.


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