About Us

VISION: The Millburn Municipal Alliance Committee is working to increase awareness by educating our children, their parents and the community about the risks of underage drinking and the use of illegal drugs in our community, as a way to build a safer and healthier community.  We strive to reduce harm to individuals and families by promoting healthy lifestyle choices and mental wellness.

MISSION:   The mission of the Millburn Municipal Alliance Committee is to reduce the misuse of alcohol and other drugs by providing school programs and community programs aimed at strengthening a partnership between the schools and the community.  Through increased communications and educational programming, our Alliance seeks to create a strong network of resources and information that will help protect our youth and strengthen communications between schools and the community.

  • MMAC Chairperson – Geraldine Silverman
  • MMAC Coordinator – Heather Jenquine

To reach us, please email us at mmacupdates@gmail.com

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