School Programs

MMAC brings education programs to students in all of Millburn’s public schools.  It is important to begin conversations earlier to help lay the foundation to build refusal skills.  In elementary school MMAC focuses on helping kids understand the importance of making good choices, building self-esteem, bullying prevention and promoting kindness.

In partnership with the Millburn Police Department, MMAC brings the DARE program to the 5th Graders at Washington School.

In Middle School and High School MMAC supports the Peer Leadership programs, encourages students to pledge to be drug and alcohol free, supports efforts for cross-age teaching and peer-to-peer conflict resolution.  MMAC brings speakers and educational programs to all schools and supports the High School Forum where students plan a full day of programming on issues or great relevance to the students.

Each October MMAC brings the Red Ribbon Week program to the schools and the community.

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